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  2. Curriculum
  3. Curriculum Statement

Bessacarr Primary Curriculum Statement

At Bessacarr Primary, our aim is to provide a curriculum that is:

  •       Ambitious and knowledge rich
  •       Exciting and full of memories
  •       Value led
  •       Coherent and progressive
  •       Inspiring and purposeful
  •       Rooted in enquiry and exploration


We want our children to leave Bessacarr Primary School:

  •       Knowing more and remembering more
  •       Demonstrating our school values
  •       Being effective communicators
  •       Full of curiosity with a  love of learning
  •       Fully prepared for their next steps in life
  •       With a sense of pride and belonging


At Bessacarr Primary, our ambitious and carefully planned curriculum includes, and often exceeds, both the formal requirements of the National Curriculum and the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, taking into the account the needs of our school community.

Subject leaders are knowledgeable and inspiring, empowered to drive their subject through coherent, progressive planning which is underpinned by sticky knowledge and key vocabulary. Key concepts are carefully selected to enable children to embed learning over time whilst applying their previous learning to new contexts. Teachers ensure knowledge is built-up over time, constantly revisited and connections made where possible.

At the forefront of our engaging curriculum, a range of memorable and enchanting experiences brings their learning to life and develops their cultural capital.

Driven by our core values and through learning about global issues and significant people, our curriculum strives to help children become well-rounded, empathetic and proactive citizens. Pupils will gain a strong sense of self; respect for other people and their beliefs; as well as an awareness of their place in the world and their power to make a difference. In all we do, opportunities are given for children to develop the transferable skills that will prepare them for the future, such as independence and resilience.

Reflecting throughout their learning journey, pupils are encouraged to be proud of themselves, celebrating their successes and valuing the mistakes they have made along the way.

Collaboration and communication is at the heart of our curriculum. Regular opportunities are planned for children to work together, developing the skills necessary to support one another in deepening their understanding. A focus on progressive, challenging vocabulary and use of sentence stems provide children with the tools they need to become effective communicators.

Through our enquiry approach, underpinned by our school values, we aim to develop children’s curiosity, inspire them and plant the seeds for a lifetime of learning.