Please find below the Curriculum overviews for Nursery – Year 6.

Each year has a curriculum map for the year, however these may change as we review them termly

Our Curriculum Statement


Our aim at Bessacarr Primary is to provide the children with an inspiring, exciting and engaging curriculum, full of opportunities to be creative and imaginative. We want them to become inquisitive learners as well as responsible and respectful citizens with a sense of belonging; thus, they will learn about the past and how it has affected us; our local community; other places in our country and further afield; current world issues; and their role in all of this. Through carefully chosen texts, topics, authentic experiences and chances to work collaboratively, we will help them to develop empathy and celebrate differences. By regularly reflecting on their skills and knowledge, the children should become more aware of where they are in their learning and know what they need to do to improve. We will challenge them, help them to make progress in all subject areas and strive to develop their resilience, creating a climate where they are prepared to fail as well as succeed and be proud of their success – we want them to be confident individuals, who create unique outcomes, and know that they are special. Every step along the way, we want them to become more equipped for life beyond school, while providing them with memory-making moments.

Our Curriculum Maps

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6