We, the Academy Committee of Bessacarr Primary, believe that all members of our school community should be able to learn and achieve their full potential in a safe, secure and orderly environment.


We value the strong relationships that exist throughout the school, which leads to the mutual respect that encourages good behaviour. We have high expectations of everyone and we will actively promote equality of value whether race, gender, age, sexuality, religion or disability. The behaviour policy is based on our belief in, and respect for, the value and contribution of all members of our community and their right to succeed. We seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

The policy will be applied with consistency and fairness, with regard to each individual situation. The emphasis will be on encouraging positive behaviour through high expectations; a focus on learning; and praise and rewards. It is recognised however, that on occasions sanctions are necessary to demonstrate that misbehaviour is not acceptable; to express the disapproval of the school community and to deter other pupils from similar behaviour. Sanctions will enable the pupil to reflect on, and learn from, their behaviour and to make reparation wherever possible. Because of our focus on positive behaviours and the opportunities for pupils to learn from their mistakes, we expect lower than the national average rates of exclusion.

Some pupils, for example those with special educational needs, physical or mental health needs, and looked after pupils can experience particular difficulties with behaviour and the school will seek to ensure that such pupils receive behavioural support according to their need. However, when making decisions the school must balance the needs of the individual with those of the school community and where pupil behaviour places others at risk, the safety of the pupils and staff as a whole is paramount.

Given the importance of the safety of the pupil body, the Governing body support the right of the school to permanently exclude for a single offence where it is considered that allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the pupil or others in the school. Similarly, given the overriding need to keep children safe, the school will utilise their powers to search and to use reasonable force in order to keep individuals from harming, or further harming, themselves or others.

We work with parents and carers to understand their children and their circumstances and believe this relationship is an important part in building a strong learning community. Similarly, given our duty of care to the pupils, this written statement and the policies that both stem from it and are influenced by it (for example, appropriate contact, behaviour, anti-bullying and exclusions) applies to all pupils when in school, when travelling to and from school, and when engaged in extra-curricular activities such as educational trips and visits (residential and non-residential) and when being educated as a member of Bessacarr and Southfield off-site.

Academy Committee Members

Chair: John Deans - Responsible for SEN, Pupil Premium and EAL 

Bessacarr Primary

Ellers Avenue



Vice Chair: Anna Edmonds - Responsible for Safeguarding and Foundation Subjects 

Anne-Marie Patterson

Kirsty Briddick

Carl Williams - Responsible for Maths 

Mark Harewood - Responsible for English 


MEETING:                                  Bessacarr Primary Local Academy - Minutes 



DATE AND TIME OF MEETING:  20th September 2021 at 4.30pm


1. Present: AP KB JD AE CW MH BF MW (Clerk)


In the absence of any other nominations, it was resolved by the committee that JD be reelected as Chair of the committee and AE be re-elected as Vice-chair of the committee for the academic year.


Roles and responsibilities:

Safeguarding AE

English MH

Maths CW


Other subjects AE



             Apologies: None


2.    Declarations of interest relating to items within the Agenda

None declared

3.    Updates on Reading led by English leads (SM and BV)

An academy book was distributed to members. Reading journals were distributed to members.

Members received a full presentation on English with Bessacarr’s curriculum intent being pointed out to them:

Value reading

Reading at the heart of the curriculum

Good reader

High quality modelling

Build on comprehension

Teacher carefully select books

Diversity of characters

Hook boys

Lifelong passion for reading


It was explained that KS1 use sleepover animals and KS2 use journals to rate books and encourage reading at home. In KS2 a class text approach is used to challenge children. All the class texts have been carefully chosen to be diverse and challenging and hook children into topics. More poetry has also been added in to the texts. Displays in classrooms are used to support learning.


Members were explained the areas of focus throughout school:

Rec/KS1 Accuracy and decoding

Yr2-Yr4 Fluency

Yr5-Yr6 Deep meaning and understanding


A lot of money had been invested in Read, Write Inc. however sounding out and confidence was already improving in reading. It was explained that Read, Write Inc. builds up reading progressively and children work in streamed groups with reading books matched to those groups. No books contain sounds that children haven’t been taught. Lessons in Read, Write Inc. are received regularly in reception and year 1, then from year 2 interventions are used as required.


Interventions are picked up using reader on a page in KS1 and for the bottom 20% of children in KS2. Reading journals are used to show smaller steps of progress in kS2 and each child in the bottom 20% receives reading in school 3 times per week.


Other interventions used for reading are:

Phonics interventions

Reading buddies

After school catch up groups (in some year groups)

Reading + (Purchased with catch up money) for years 4, 5 and 6 which is used in school and out.


Data was shared with Governors with it highlighted that SEN children are at 33% and the children have high needs. The gap between boys and girls was also highlighted to members but it was explained that although the gap had grown between boys and girls from KS1 to KS2 and was above national average, the boys were at average but the girls were above average and boys progress from KS1 to KS2 was actually at +0.8.


Members were informed that staff were very supportive of the English journey and that all TA’s had received additional training and had took on a joint responsibility for reading. Members questioned if it was the teachers job to utilise assistants and it was explained it was.


Members thanked SM and BV and commented they found the update really useful.



4.    Feedback on deep dive in maths

Autumn Term Annual Performance Review – Autumn 2021 was distributed to members prior to the meeting.

It was explained that the deep dive was difficult as it took place very early in the year so new staff and new children were just getting used to the school. Maths mastery is the package used in school to support maths and it was found it was very easy to teach what’s in front of you and rely on resources but staff should deviate if they need to. They were very impressed with last year’s maths books. The committee questioned if last year’s books would be part of Ofsted and it was explained they are kept in the staff room so could be used.  Seating plans were also marked so staff and Ofsted can easily identify pupil premium and SEN children etc. The deep dive was intense but wasn’t negative and was very good for maths leads.

5.    Curriculum on a page

A copy was placed in the academy book given to members at the beginning of the meeting. It was explained in great detail to members by KB. The intent, implementation and impact was explained fully and it was pointed out that each subject within the curriculum must

now be given equal value and all teachers have a subject area to develop.


6. School improvement Headteacher’s report

The Headteacher’s report was circulated to all members in advance of the meeting. The following areas were pointed out by the headteacher:


Confidential item


School context

To date we have 49 children with SEN and this is rising all the time. This also causes issues with the budget as it takes 3 rounds of support plans which takes around 1 year before any additional funding can be given.


Outcomes for pupils


Targets have been updated and are high as Ofsted are looking for greater depth. Information has been used from Fisher Family Trust to update targets.



Confidential item


Other updates

The special educational needs and disability review and the health and well-being audit were highlighted for the new members in attendance at the meeting.


7.    Safeguarding


AE has completed her level 2 safeguarding training.

It was pointed out that all staff in school had completed level 2 safeguarding training and midday supervisors had completed level 1 safeguarding training.

Safeguarding on a page was also shared and explained to the committee.



8.    Community cohesion

No updates


9.    Health and safety/Premises

No updates


10. Communication to report

Members raised concern that the committee no longer has a link member to the trust. We view this role as an integral part of an effective framework – please can we be provided with a timeline of when a new member will join the committee.


11. Agree any confidential items

Finance and staffing



12. Confirm date and time of next Learning Walk

To be arranged by Headteacher


13. Confirm date and time of next meeting

15th March 2022 at 4.30pm


14. A.O.B

Policies approved:

Staff code of conduct


Children in care

Mental health and wellbeing

Governance handbook to be read and approved at next meeting




Action Log/Tracker – Local Academy Meeting – 20/09/2021



Action Required

By Whom

By When


Arrange learning walk



Autumn term


Approve Governance handbook



Spring meeting


Complete safeguarding training








































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